Pain Free & Fit TM Self -Help Series Books

Each PDF Digital e Book Includes Complete Region Specific Self Analysis,  Corrective Exercises, and Comprehensive Healing Conditioning Program

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Pain Free & Fit TM

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Shoulder, Back, Neck, Knee & 5 Minute Programs...5 Book Set



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Posturcise 2. Dr. Remy's original program that started it all back in 2003. This new and revised edition covers all you need to know to analyze and improve your posture on a custom basis, helping to relieve pain, look better, and improve performance. Complete with full self-analysis, corrective stretches and exercises, nutrition for posture, how to use posture for sports performance, posture tips and more to guarantee a complete and tailored posture makeover for all of your needs. 141 pages.

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Posturcise for Personal Trainers. Learn how to incorporate client analysis and the corrective exercises for posture, joint stability and optimum movement for your Personal Training Clients using Dr. Remy's Posturcise Corrective Exercise System. Covers client posture and movement analysis, how to correct movement, biomechanics and exercise physiology for core stability, principles of movement and training, how to improve athletic performance, typical mistakes and corrections of fitness training, workout construction and programming, and even special exercises. Become the expert in your area in the cutting edge fields of corrective exercise and posture to separate your personal training business above the rest. 177 pages.

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Posturcise for Massage and Manual Therapists. Improve your client and patient results using the Posturcise Corrective Exercise System.  This book teaches you how to improve any manual technique by incorporating Posturcise methods in your treatments, making your soft tissue therapy  outcomes faster and more consistent by matching soft tissue dysfunction with posture and mechanics. Use applied biomechanics and physiological principles to incorporate the Posturcise RPI into any passive manual technique. Learn how to expand your services by offering corrective exercises and training. This is a clinical must-have if you want to separate your practice from the rest and make referrals soar. 173 pages.

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How to Personal Train Clients with

Injuries & Pain Conditions...


The new "Gold Standard" for personal trainers seeking the expertise to safely train injured clients and those with pain conditions. This 3 book series with a trainers video collection ensures your knowledge and practical application  to design, program and implement exercise programs for strength, endurance, stability, power, flexibility and balance. Avoid losing clients to injuries and learn how to effectively train through them.  Learn the training secrets that sports med doctors and elite trainers use for specific diagnostic conditions of the neck, back, shoulder, knee, hip, foot and more. Become an expert at designing and integrating custom warmups, workouts, cool-downs, progressions and modifications for injuries, arthritic and pain conditions, impingement syndromes, stubborn tendinitis, disc, stenosis, meniscus, post-surgical cases, patella tracking,  sciatica, carpal tunnels, neuromas, hip flexor problems, and more than space here can mention. Real life case examples, program designs, advanced nutrition and more. Over 300 pages and nearly 50 videos in the set make this a power packed wealth of expert knowledge and practical tips.


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This is the long awaited at-home study program that has evolved from decades of Dr. Remy's seminar and college taught programs for anyone intersted in learning and becoming qualified and certified in the Posturcise® Corrective Exercise System.

The program includes the classic Certified Trainer's Manual and Workbook to guide you step by step through the anatomy, exercise physiology, biomechanics,  analysis and training principles of the system. No previous experience is needed as the program teaches all you need to know from the basics on page one to becoming an elite Posturcise Trainer and starting your own business helping others improve their posture, movement and performance.  The program is divided into 2 degrees- the Qualified and Certified Posturcise Trainer. It begins with the one year at-home study to take the exam for Qualified Trainer's status.  Passing grades require 90%. The coursework is a massive undertaking of knowledge and practical application and no refunds are given for test failures.  Dr. Remy strives for a thorough understanding and proficiency of students who graduate to the Qualified Trainer's status. Qualified Trainers may legally use the Posturcise® name in their business. Those seeking the more advanced Certified Trainer's status must meet one-on-one with Dr. Remy for the highest levels of training and testing in the system at an additional cost.



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