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A complete customized exercise program to stimulate your body's healing mechanism. Targeted exercises for lower back and neck spondylolisthesis. Effective exercises that can be done in just minutes per day. Learn the custom exercises for your body based on your own unique fitness levels, posture, body mechanics, and abilities.  This program teaches you how to analyze and then implement corrective exercises to decrease your pain, improve spondylolisthesis spinal stability, learn the movement strategies to avoid aggravation, how to return to fitness and sports safely, which exercises are dangerous and which are helpful with spondylolisthesis, effective stretches, strengthening and balance exercises, nutrition for spondylolisthesis and more! Guides you to construct and use simple but effective pain relief exercises, flexibility, stability, and coordinated movement to avoid pain and get physically active again.  

85 page pdf digital e book format ready for your immediate download. Program includes both descriptive photos of exercises, as well as video demonstration links of exercises and self-analysis for easy learning. Additional exercises and alternate daily/weekly schedules provided for variety and to fit anyone's busy schedule. Program is designed to be done with or without exercise equipment, in just a few minutes per day, or as part of  a more comprehensive exercise routine. Suitable for all ages, fitness levels, grades of spondylolisthesis (1-4), with or without associated arthritic degeneration, disc involvement or stenosis.  No previous exercise experience needed for results.

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