The program includes advanced instruction on avoiding aggravating activities, exercises and sports specific to retrolisthesis themes of pain, while providing the reader with tailored modifications to facilitate a safe return to physical activities, fitness pursuits and sports. Additional chapters include how to use specific pain relief exercises and the latest concepts of modern nutrition and psychological/social strategies to manage and improve chronic low back pain. Thus, the program provides a complete approach to the back pain experience that contains multiple  healing strategies from the modern "bio-psycho-social" approach to chronic back pain that is now the gold standard of back pain care amongst leading health care professionals specializing in back pain.  

The Retrolisthesis Fast Track Exercise Program TM   uniquely provides you with the self-management skills and guidance needed to formulate your own tailored exercise approach to retrolisthesis back pain, helping you to heal and become more physical again.  Suitable for all adult ages and levels of physical ability, there is simply no other program available which offers this level of expertise with a detailed and effective approach that is usually only obtainable by consulting with the world's leading retrolisthesis doctors and rehab experts.


A complete self-rehabilitation exercise program for those with low back retrolisthesis. This 154 page ebook comes complete with a custom analysis of your body mechanics, posture, movement tendencies, muscle imbalances and spinal stability issues that mechanically stress the spinal soft tissues responsible for most retrolisthesis pain. Based on your self-analysis, a custom neutral spine position and range of motion is created to stabilize your back from further mechanical stress. Strengthening exercises progressively condition this neutral position and range of motion to prevent further back irritation. This allows your body's healing process to finally outpace the damaging stresses that prevent your recovery.  The program helps you choose which specific exercises are needed to both relieve and prevent retrolisthesis pain based on the directions of movement and instability (themes) that stress your spine causing pain and injury. A step-by- step progressive exercise program is designed based on a number of factors which tailor the program for your unique needs, lifestyle, time schedule, and physical demands.  Based on over 60 research studies, Dr. Remy blends the latest in retrolisthesis research with his 30-plus years of clinical rehab success with retrolithesis patients to guide you through the most effective and contemporary exercise approach to low back retrolisthesis pain.                                                                        



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