s Reviews and Testimonials

After taking your exercise class and getting results, I went to Boulder Colorado to hike in the Rocky Mountains...
Next day zero pain. I will continue the Posturcise exercises thanks to you and your staff. - JP
"To my relief, a new experience of physical healing. We have both been given personal exercises to do along the past six years and each exercise is tailored... It has helped our whole way of life."
-VB & BB
"Thanks to a few simple exercises and posture corrections Dr. Remy showed me, I am now able to sit, drive and walk without feeling fatigued, sore, or be in any kind of pain. I couldn't believe what a few weeks of exercise practice and implementation could do for my muscles and bones... Thanks Doc."  -L.K.
"Helped my neck and back pain, as well as headaches...the recommended exercises helps pain from recurring and prevents future problems"
I am very active and my propensity is to beat myself up... working on my problematic lumbo-sacral sprain/ strain got it back into shape.  The stretches help me avoid future problems... I have also gained a lot of exercsie and nutrition knowledge. -JB
"My wrist was injured playing tennis and a hand specialist at Roosevelt Hospital wanted to operate and take out 2 bones. Dr. Remy cured it with manipulation and exercise.'
Since I have improved my posture and followed the instructions and treatment, I have aligned my TMJ, relieved the pain, relaxed my facial muscles, and cope with the stress that my problem was associated with. I have a good "sense" of well being and my general health has improved. -S.B.
"My fingers would  lock in a closed position. I did the exercises that were suggested and I'm much better. No more pain in my lower back which ran down my left leg. The exercises help to keep the body going". -HK
"Dr. Remy's exercise training helps me keep my body in good alignment and be as pain free as possible. It made me become conscious of how to use my body on  a daily basis for optimal health." -BZ
"Dr. Remy's exercises have helped me keep an active lifestyle after many injuries, and helped me avoid back and neck surgery. The exercises have allowed me to ride my bicycle, hike, and even ski again".  -D.S.
"I was unable to extend my left leg without intense pain. After initial treatments, I was given a series of stretches and exercises to accelerate the healing process and improve my posture. I am able to workout and play sports pain free again. Thank You." -D.O.C.
"I had injured my knee, which prevented me from participating in sports. I would also hurt in different areas such as my lower back, elbow and shoulder. Dr. Remy showed me how to move my joints and tense my muscles correctly so I could continue with my sports without pain. I rarely need to see a doctor now, and am a regular visitor to the gym." -N.W.

"If there's one thing I don't want to do- it is exercise, but I do the healing Posturcise exercises because I see the improvements. It helps me to hold my chiropractic adjustments, reduces my pains to managable levels, and helps me to have a brighter outlook on life."  - B. G. Co.

"The pains previously wore me out and were debilitating. The exercises made a significant improvement in my physical  function and lessened my neck and low back pain. The exercises are energizing and help improve my vitality, clearing my consciousness from the devitalizing effect of pain" -A.H.
The exercises relieved my rib and low back pains. They also strengthened my legs.
My knees were paining me. Dr. Remy slowly eased the pain in my knees and eventually eliminated the pain  completely. It has also helped pains in my quadriceps that were caused by sports, an accident with whiplash to my neck, and scattered pains in my back. -SP 

I've been in various different situations where I was caught in such a muscle spasm- I thought I'd never move again. Dr. Remy helped me with the spasms, whiplash and stress relief.

- T.M.S.

I've been to other MDs, doctors, and even had accupuncture done for low back problems, but it did not help. Dr. Remy relieved a lot of my pain and discomfort.  -S.D.

With Dr. Remy's exercise and magic hands, my sciatic nerve pain and carpal tunnel were helped...

I continue because " why stop a good thing?"- A.E.D.

"It has corrected my TMJ, sore back, neck and general aches and pains painlessly. Thank you Dr. Remy and staff for all of the great work."- JR

"My initial complaint was osteoarthritis,. Dr. Remy helped my inflammed areas throughout my body and helped me feel good about myself." Thank You. -G.P.

"3-4 years ago my complaint was tennis elbow. It helped tremendously in dissipating the persistent pain. Also helped severe pain in my left leg, hip and lower back. I continue  a 2x per week schedule because it has proven very helpful." -GSW

"I was born with a crooked spine called scoliosis. Dr. Remy has helped to relieve the painful symptoms associated with it" -JM

"I was in pain constantly and could not lie still, sit or move without this terrible pain....I believe the possibilities are endless as over the years Dr. Remy's thorough examinations have revealed little problems that he corrects, saving me from major problems. It is essential to good health and well being. Why would anyone want to give that up?" -HMT
I had ongoing back problems since the 1970s after an auto accident. Without the professional care of Dr. Remy, and his staff, I probably would have lived a very restricted life where the basic movements would be difficult and painful.  With Dr. Remy's professional training in sports medicine, "rehab", nutrition and preventive medicine, and a multi-faceted approach to treatment, my eroded spinal discs, back, neck, and shoulder problems have improved to  allow me a normal active life style. I am not satisfied with "just getting by" where my health is concerned. I am 59 years old and a competitive rifle shooter on the national level. You just can't perform without good health and continuous maintenance. -WHB

I had a paralyzed right arm. Dr. Remy completely healed the condition, never to return. Also helped aches and pains due to poor posture.  -AGS

My family has all been helped by Dr. Remy through many sports injuries. My daughter's hand was injured after a skiing accident and medical doctors wanted to operate. Dr. Remy adjusted it back to health. -A.P. 

Totally relieved the pain of my chronic sciatica. Also helped rotator cuff, headache, low back pain, stiff neck and TMJ.   -HT

I had crippling pain in joints diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis by physician and treated with medications such as cortisone, etc. These medications did not help at all. I took my husband's advice and went to Dr. Remy.  His approach corrected the condition in one year. -G.E.

I had headaches, neck and back pain. The chiropractic adjustments reduced the immediate discomfort, and the exercise program helps to prevent future problems. If I don't do the recommended exercises, the pain recurs more frequently. -MGR

For 4 years I had to wear a band around my knee. After 4 months of doing the exercises, I no longer need the band. -AJK

My initial complaint was shoulder problems. Dr. Remy's approach completely eliminated the problem. Also helped carpal tunnel syndrome and achilles tendon adhesions.  -DC

"Dr. Remy's approach helped to alleviate 95% of the pain in my back and neck, if not more, as well as numbness that radiated down my left leg and into my hands from my neck." -M.P.

Alleviated all pain that I was experiencing in my lower back. I not only can sit, stand and drive for long periods of time, but I am now capable of being much more active doing things I couldn't do for years.  -PJS

Surgeons were going to do a spinal fusion! I was in bed off and on for eight years- lots of pain. Dr. Remy got me walking.  -E.D.

I had restricted movement of my left arm. Normal therapy under direction of medical doctor was not achieving desired results. Dr. Remy's approach restored the range of movement to my full satisfaction.  Once again, Thank You. -J.P. 

Dr. Remy's approach has ALWAYS provided relief and cleared up any problems. -BA

 The pain control led to a normalized life and  a happier one. Arm and shoulder strain cured. No more pain and normal usage.  -R.H.

I had  a knee injury of 8 years and problems that developed with the knee and hip. All of these problems have been totally relieved.  - JC

Dr. Remy relieved the pain and swelling of my chronic lower back pain and increased mobility. Also helped intense headaches. -DSM

I had a bad lower back at L4 and 5. Dr. Remy has on two occasions quickly relieved the pain and problem. Also helped my tennis elbow. - KG

I had severe pain in my right shoulder, it felt sharp and wouldn't go away. Dr. Remy's approach has helped tremendously. I stick to the routine to also keep my back and neck from becoming poor.  -LA

I had low back pain from an auto accident that recovered more quickly than possibly any other treatment. It reduced pain without medication. I was able to return to running and biking without an interruption in training. -CSD

I always had back aches and hip pain, also a frozen shoulder. Now most of my complaints are gone. -F.K.

"I was unable to perform many normal tasks, such as bending over, twisting, etc. due to back problems for the last 15 years. The regular therapy helped, so I can now perform probably 90% of the tasks."  -LL

The exercises have helped a lot in my recovery. My overall pain and soreness has diminished over time while doing the exercises. I would recommend Dr. Remy to anyone who would like to get back to feeling better.  -C.A. 

As a former professional football player and avid beach volleyball player, Dr. Remy has done a fantastic job of designing a series of hip and shoulder exercises which have balanced out my musculature and corrected the loss of motion in several problem areas. This has allowed me to stay active into my 50s.   -PVS
Dr. Remy's treatments and muscular exercise program have been exactly what I needed to relieve my hip pain. As in the past, the exercises he recommends have always proven to bring relief. 
- JD
"I have been a patient of Dr. Remy's for many years and as I always say "He Keeps Me Moving".  With his professional advice about exercise and stretching, along with his treatments, I have been able to maintain a healthy and active life. I am so thankful for his expertise, wonderful care and fantastic staff."   -N.D. 

I value these exercises for flexibility and strength. My neck had limited mobility after a car accident. Today with the exercises and treatments, I am able to move my head to see while driving without turning my whole body around. -JZ

I have used Dr. Remy's prescribed exercises  and treatments for 23 years to function to  my fullest potential.  -M.P.

When Dr. Remy suggested that I begin to perform healing exercises for my chronic pain, I thought he was "crazy" because I didn't think I was physically able to do 5 squats, let alone his goal for me of 100.  But since I respected his opinion and treatments, I agreed to try. I am presently up to 75 with an ease of doing them, and it has improved my pains and function.  -M.K.
As a Pilates mat instructor, Dr. Remy has not only taught me exercises to increase my mobility and strength in my weak areas, but has "tweaked" some of my Pilates movements to better serve my pain issues and get me back in shape. His Posturcise has  improved my Pilates mat routines for myself and my clients. - M.H.

"Tired and aching feet were interrupting my daily routine. Thanks to the few quick and easy exercises, I found relief. No more tired, achy interruptions."  -S.Z.

"Dr. Remy's exercise program has been very effective  in easing many of my ailments. The custom-tailored workouts address specific issues and have increased my stamina tremendously. His sense of humor helps get me through my sessions with a smile on my face." -T.M.

"When I first came to see Dr. Remy, I could  barely  walk from the pain. I'm 80% better now  and have  been very impressed with his  knowledge and  expert touch in his  manipulations."-K.W.

The hip exercises have improved my mobility and have allowed me to get out of  bed much easier in the mornings.  -GM

My work is very physically demanding.
I was so fortunate to find Dr. Remy 18 years ago. His dedication and determination are unequaled, as he teaches his patients how to do their part in helping themselves using personalized  rehabilitative exercises. -SS
"As a competitive sporting clays shooter, recreational long bow shooter, and professional gunsmith, my neck and back have been compromised rather severely with loss of motion and debilitating chronic pain. With Dr. Remy's comprehensive approach of chiropractic and posture specific exercises, my range of motion has increased while the constant pain has been alleviated. " -E.A.   

"I have had good success with my sports related  injuries that have been able to heal through the  exercises.  I have less chronic pains in my back,  hip, elbow, wrist and calf when I do the  exercises.  My back has not gone out since using  the exercises."   -J.B.K.

"As a head wrestling coach and avid competitive wrestler, my neck, shoulder and back injuries became so bad that I couldn't wrestle at all by age 28. With Dr. Remy's treatment and healing exercise program , what usually took a month to ease my back pains, took only 4 days to get me wrestling again, and I continue pain-free 11 years later!"  M.E. 
As a track coach and former athlete, I am no stranger to injuries. After multiple marathons, my calf injuries prevented me from running at all. I gained weight and became out of shape. Dr. Remy's healing exercises and treatments helped me heal and get back to working out on a regular basis. Since I have been using his exercise program for the past 5 years, my injuries are less frequent, less intense and my recovery is faster. -GF

Being an all-year athlete, I'd always develop sports injuries in my knees, ankles and wrists. With the  exercises and treatments, I was able to correctly strengthen the supporting muscles, improve my range of movement, and lessen my pains. Learning how to position and move my body correctly assisted in my healing and helped prevent future injuries.  -L.F. 
"From the time I started being consistent with the exercises and posture, and building muscle memory and strength in my problem areas, I began to feel much better. My lower back, which had bothered me  quite a bit, has stopped bothering me. I don't feel the sharp pains anymore and feel much more comfortable driving and in my daily activities and routines. I would recommend Dr. Remy's exercise program for anyone in pain." -A.C.
Over the many years of being Dr. Remy's patient, the care and accompanying exercises geared to strengthening my problem areas have allowed me to live my life in good health.  -AP  

"These exercises have been wonderful (and tough). They have made me realize how to straighten my body so I don't have the terrible back and neck pain that I used to have. I am so glad that I am doing these exercises! "  -A.C.

"I love to work out, but I often push myself too hard. Between a torn meniscus in both knees, a torn labrum in my hip,  and multiple other accumulated injuries, I was at the point where I wasn't sure I could continue to exercise. Posturicse has significantly improved that. This is a very individualized approach that takes your own body's mechanics into consideration before you begin to work out. It's helped me to remain in shape, and keeps me mindful of my form so I don't get hurt! I can't recommend it enough." -A.P.

certified by USA Track and Field for 8 years. Dr. Remy's comprehensive program has been a tremendous help in my recovery from multiple serious injuries. I have completed courses in exercise physiology, human performance assessment and athletic training. Dr. Remy's educational books and exercise rehabilitation protocols have helped take my knowledge to a higher level. I am blessed to have received his guidance and very excited to be applying the new concepts I have learned from him. Thank you Dr. Remy!!! 

- R.P. 3X USATF National Championship Medalist and 2018 All American sprints and hurdles

Dr. Remy's Pain Free & Fit Program is a gift to both  weekend warriors and competitive athletes.  I am a ten time USATF Masters All American &  have been  a coach

In April 2021 I had injured my spine. It caused me severe weakness in my left leg to the point that I was unable to take my dog for a 5 minute walk down our street. I was extremely upset and worried that I'd never be able to ski again. I started working with Dr. Mike that October. I did everything he taught me religiously. I was able to start walking the dog again, but most importantly, I was able to ski !! Was able to go up 30 times! I'm feeling so much better! I'm so thankful to Dr. Mike for helping me experience the freedom to do what I want again!

-Dr. David Lester

Dr. Remy has been a real God-send for me in my journey of healing. As a chiropractor, I now know firsthand what many of our patients go through when it comes to pain and feeling helpless. I struggled with pelvic pain for many years. And through the ups and downs of this debilitating condition by the grace of God, I was led to find Dr. Remy online. I have worked with this great physician for over a year now, and he has helped to strengthen my body and fortify the kinks in my armor. This has not only allowed me to regain my function and ability to practice at 100% in my clinic, but through his guidance and knowledge it has benefited my patients as well. I highly recommend Dr. Remy as a guide and coach along your healing journey.

-Dr. Alexander Concepcion

"Prior to seeing Dr. Remy I was  dealing with a painful, debilitating TMJ, a lower back disc injury, and a bilateral patella femoral diagnosis.

After working together for several months (exercise and chiropractic) I feel like a brand new person and the majority of my pain and discomfort is gone! I feel truly blessed to have met Dr. Remy and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He's also a wonderful human being, which is an added bonus." -S. Crispo