Hi, I'm Dr. Remy.

We both have something in common- frustration with pain and injury that prevents us from enjoying our daily activities, workouts, sports, and maybe our life in general. Hopefully, what I have learned to help myself, and my patients, will help you also.

I suffered with back, neck, hip, shoulder, elbow and knee pain for years until I learned how to assist my own body's healing process. The typical treatments of rest, anti-inflammatories, braces, rehab and modifying my activities didn't work. Medicines, massage and chiropractic manipulation helped temporarily, but failed to allow me to be physically active again without re-injuring myself. I was searching for an answer to my musculoskeletal pains that would allow me to physically depend on my body, without hurting myself, and regain control over an injured body that seemed to control me. Is this your problem also?

I had been working out almost daily and competing in sports since I was 12  years old. I wound up with a wall full of trophies and medals "hardware", only to have a body that was severely beat up and going "nowhere". At age 22, I was told by expert doctors that my lower back x-rays looked like that of an 80 year old. Their "expert advice" was that I had to give up working out and competitive sports if I wanted to avoid a disabled life. That advice didn't resonate with me. I was determined to get out of pain, prevent it from coming back, and workout as hard as I wanted to. In short, I refused to live an "out of shape" life that was limited because of pain and injury. To me, that kind of life was simply unacceptable. I desired to be pain free and fit for a lifetime.

Since that time 35 years ago, I have kept that promise to myself, adding to my wall of competitive hardware, and enjoying working out as easy, or as intensely, as I want to almost every day. It was not an easy road for me to find the solution for my degenerative and herniated discs, pinched nerves, golfers and tennis elbow, knee meniscus tears and degeneration, arthritis, rotator cuff tendinitis, ankle and hip sprains, and foot pains and injuries (yes, I had them all). It took 3 different post graduate degrees in chiropractic, orthopedics and sports injuries, plus years of additional research and trial with techniques from the best experts in injuries and rehab from around the world. Ultimately, I was blessed with not only enjoying a pain free and fit lifestyle for myself, but I was also able to help others through what I had learned.

I have enjoyed a 93% success rate with my patients in my clinical practice for over 30 years. This includes "couch potatoes", recreational through professional athletes, and everyday people who just want to get out of pain and into shape. I have found that age, level of physical conditioning, and the exact nature and diagnosis of the pain/injury are not nearly as important as determining the root cause of the pain/injury. My approach is based on the concept that your body's healing mechanism is often held back because this root cause of most musculo-skeletal pain and injury is never identified or corrected.

I invite you to learn how altered body mechanics, posture, and inadequate levels of physical conditioning are at the root of most pains and injuries. While there are many "experts" on the internet and other sources who know a little about these subjects, I have found that most know just enough to help you "strengthen your dysfunctions", while failing to identify or develop the "proper function" most people need in order to be pain free and fit.

Our programs have distilled down what I honestly feel is the "best of the best" of contemporary exercise that is aimed at assisting your body to heal itself. It all begins with a personal analysis of your body mechanics and posture, and follows the same 5 step process that I use with patients in my office. Our company, North Shore Health & Fitness Associates, Inc., has produced several options for you to learn and benefit from these healing exercises, including books, videos, online workouts, seminars, workout classes and personal training. Our effort is to bring the benefits of these healing exercises to you despite your individual learning styles, personal schedules, time zones and locations.

Remember that not all musculo-skeletal pain will improve with this system, and some conditions could become worse by following it. Therefore, it is essential that you do not use this system as a replacement for proper medical diagnosis and treatment. Always consult with your own doctor before beginning this, or any exercise routine.

Begin your healing exercise program by learning the 5 steps of healing, and then perform a self-analysis of your own body. These pages are located on the navigation bar of this site. You will find samples of healing exercises per specific body regions here as well, which address all 5 steps of healing. Remember that the key to our system is stimulating your own body's healing process by correcting your specific self-analysis findings with the conditioning exercises. Without knowing where your posture, stability, and mechanical dysfunctions are, the exercises will only strengthen your dysfunction and problem.  Your analysis is the foundation of your healing. More detailed analysis and healing exercise programs are available in the Pain Free & Fit TM Self-Help Series of e Books available on this website, on our Pain Free and Fit TM You Tube Channel, or through personal online consultations. If you live in (or are visiting) the NY metro area, feel free to call my office for a new patient consultation and exam of your specific problem. Based on current workload, I will also do my best to answer any questions you may have through email and my various social media avenues.

I hope you experience the same benefits that these healing exercises have provided my patients, students, and clients (as well as myself) with over the years. The Pain Free & Fit TM lifestyle is truly a blessed one. Enjoy!