You are Unique. That includes your painful conditions, injuries, physical limitations, health issues, level of conditioning, underlying posture and mechanical issues, and fitness goals. The solution to your problems are unique as well. No diagnosis of any pain condition, or its corrective exercise program, is ever exactly the same. That is where our system is unique as well, and separates us from other personal training programs. Your personal training program is based not only on your fitness goals and abilities, but most importantly, is customized for your unique body imbalances, asymmetries, strengths and weaknesses that are causing (or complicating) your painful condition.

We all have unique asymmetries and imbalances in our musculo-skeletal systems as a result of injuries, poor posture, and faulty movement/exercise habits. These dysfunctions stress our muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints, predisposing us to soft tissue injury. These imbalances perpetuate our pain on a daily basis, make movement and exercise attempts painful, and (unless they are corrected) leave us susceptible to further injury and pain. Analysis and correction of these problems are as unique as we are as individuals.
Success in relieving pain, and getting you into great shape, is only accomplished by workouts that target and correct your unique posture, movement, and musculoskeletal imbalances that are abnormally stressing your body. Without a proper analysis and correction of your posture and mechanics, these imbalances are only strengthened and worsened with typical workouts and training programs. You want to strengthen proper function, not dysfunction, to lead a pain free and fit lifestyle.

The realization that many musculoskeletal pains (regardless of diagnosis) are caused by these types of imbalances, and perpetuated by typical exercise programs, lead Dr. Remy to create our unique POSTURCISE® CORRECTIVE EXERCISE SYSTEM which is the basis for our Personal Training and the Pain Free & Fit Healing Exercise Programs TM. Our Personal Training System can offer greater benefits in less time than typical personal trainers because of this unique system. Just look at the differences:
*Dr. Remy's Pain Free & Fit Personal Training  vs. -Other Personal Training Programs:

* Program specifically designed for people with pain and injury that relieves pain, strengthens the body against injury and maximizes fat loss.
 vs.- No concept of pain or injury. Only advice usually is " If it hurts, stop"  ???

 * Program specifically based on an individual's unique body imbalances that are causing pain and limitations. Corrective workouts actually relieve  pain and limitations.
 vs.- Generic exercises that often promote more body imbalances and pain.

 * Slow to moderate real fat loss that you can keep off permanently when you follow our unique system which promotes good health.

vs.- "Fast" weight loss which may be fat, muscle, carbohydrate or water weight.  The weight usually returns after a few months because the trainer does not help client to master realistic new habits that work. Focus is on temporary weight loss and not health.

 * Specifically designed "cutting edge" workouts ensure lifetime results of pain relief, a high level of fitness, and freedom to enjoy and participate in the activities and sports they enjoy.  Greater health and self esteem.

vs.- Generic workouts can aggravate pain and injury, which cause a lifetime of fear, exercise avoidance, health problems, fat gain and low self esteem.

* Our Trainers are professionally educated in injuries, biomechanics, pain relief exercises, and make your improvements their career.

 vs.- Most personal trainers have NO education about pain and injury.

* Our Trainers have decades of experience getting RESULTS with a wide variety of clients.  They are certified through nationally recognized academic programs and undergo continuing education to provide their clients with the most contemporary training benefits.
vs.-  Many personal trainers receive only 2 day trainer certifications which give them minimal knowledge about exercise and fat loss. Many are part time students or have other jobs, and serve as part time "trainers" to "make a few extra bucks".  Hardly expert.  Lack of experience and minimal education contribute to poor client results.

* Our trainers take pride in motivating, guiding and getting you the pain relief, fat loss, and improved body shape results you want.  Each workout is a progressive step in your rebuilding process.

Our education, experience and statistical success (93%) make us experts.

Our focus is Your RESULTS.
 vs.-Many trainers simply count reps and the number of exercises you do. Some spend more time looking at themselves in the mirror than checking your form and motivating you.  Many work for large corporate gyms where the focus is on selling new training packages and volume, and not on getting you results.
The road to recovery begins with a thorough consultation and examination with Dr. Remy. At your first meeting, Dr. Remy will identify and explain to you how your body imbalances are causing your pain. He will also outline the specialized exercises that will bring your body back into balance, relieve your pain, and get you on the fast track to weight loss, strength, and improved health and fitness. In the rare case that Dr. Remy feels he cannot help you, he WILL be straightforward with you and let you know.
At that time, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions about our program, and Dr. Remy will address any concerns you may have. Usually, your training can begin within a few days from your initial consultation and examination. Your training begins with learning how to correct your posture/mechanical faults, and how to stabilize your musculo-skeletal system to reduce or eliminate painful stresses to your body.  Your personal training program then progresses over weeks to months to include the corrective and healing exercises that are aimed at solving the "root" of your pain and injury susceptibility. This progresses to learning how to maintain proper posture, joint stability, and flawless mechanics during full-body fitness workouts that are customized for your particular needs and goals. Specialized exercises are also taught to make your posture and mechanical stability more reflexive and less conscious, increasing your "insurance" against pain  and injury during various daily activities.  The final goal is to equip you with  a home-based workout that you can continue on your own to maintain or improve your fitness level.  Some clients prefer to continue their personal training on an ongoing basis for continued support, changing exercise variety, and that extra "motivational push" that ensures continual gains. 
It is not unusual for you to leave your first workout having done exercises and having learned techniques that will bring you some degree of pain relief that very first day. It's a great feeling to leave your first session realizing you do not have a hopeless situation, and you really do have some control over your body and pain. That is when pain relief and getting into shape start to become a reality for you.
Personal training workouts are available in-office in Glenwood Landing, NY in 30 and 60 minute sessions. Training hours with Dr. Remy are available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and some Saturdays. Call our office (516 676 2040) for available dates and times, or for Certified Posturcise ® Trainers in the NY metro area.  Pricing will vary from single sessions to pre-paid monthly training discount packages. 

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