Get out of Pain and into Shape at the Same Time with our Healing Exercises

Are you frustrated with temporary relief and ineffective treatments? Is the fear of re-injury or chronic pain causing you to gain weight, become out of shape, and settle for a life less than your dreams?

avoid the physical exertion, fitness, and activities you once enjoyed?

If you are looking for lasting pain relief, desiring to get back into shape without hurting yourself, and want to return to your sports and physical activities, look no further. You have just discovered the source that your body has been waiting for to stimulate proper healing and the  physical conditioning you need

Tired of hurting?

Is your pain condition

negatively affecting other aspects

of your life and

causing you to

"Strengthens Proper Healing Function,


- Dr. Remy

Welcome to the Pain Free & Fit TM healing exercises of Dr. Michael C. Remy, who has helped thousands of chronic pain and injury cases for over 30 years.


to regain control of your health and fitness.

Featured on TV and radio, and taught to doctors, therapists and trainers, our program is designed to relieve your pains and  get  you  strong

again by identifying and correcting the true root causes of your pain.

The success of  our   system is based on   

realizing  that most 

pain and injury is 

the result of some

soft tissue (muscle, ligament, disc, cartilage, etc.)

damage, which is due to one of two root causes

1. Weakness/fatigue of soft tissue with inability to withstand the forces applied to it.

2. Abnormal body mechanics and nerve function which overstress the soft tissue.

In either case, the end result is the same- damaged soft tissue fibers, an unresolved inflammatory processes, scar tissue,  and a hypersensitized and dysfunctional nervous system that promotes unstable movement and pain.

While diagnosis and various treatments are important, they rarely address these two root causes in the case of the chronic pain sufferer.  As a result, many of

these injuries become

recurrent, riddled with ongoing pains, and filled with the frustration of a limiting lifestyle.

At Pain Free & Fit TM, we customize healing workouts based on your unique condition, body mechanics and

level of fitness. As opposed to many generic rehab and "functional fitness" programs, we get real, lasting results from    conditioning

your unique body for the specific physical demands of your lifestyle using the custom exercises your body needs to fix the root causes of your pain.

From pro athletes, to couch potatoes and handicapped seniors, our workouts get you back into shape and out of pain by uniquely unlocking  your body's amazing healing capacity. Begin your healing journey by taking our free body analysis and learning the corrective exercises to properly stimulate your healing and physical conditioning like never before!

and Not the Dysfunction that Most Exercise Does"


the quality

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"hopeless"  because healing has been blocked by these two root causes.