Join our online workout given personally by Dr. Remy. Learn and practice the specialized exercises that will help your body heal, and get you into the best shape of your life. Our online workout is the "best of the best" of our entire healing exercise product line. It is the most comprehensive and fastest method of realizing the benefits of all our healing fitness programs.

Exercises are given over a 8-20 minute workout to stimulate pain relief, healing, and fitness throughout your entire body. The theme of our workout is maximal results in minimal time. Because you can perform the workout anywhere, with or without any fitness or gym equipment, over the entire 8-20 minutes, or broken up throughout the day into smaller "mini workouts", it becomes easy to start living the pain free and fit lifestyle. This format follows Dr. Remy's successful fitness radio show Staying Fit Anywhere and Everywhere, inspiring "busy people on the go" who didn't realize how easy it can be to fit a few minutes of life-changing healing exercise into their daily routines.

Our workout program is suitable for complete beginners through advanced levels of fitness, from acute and mild pains, to chronic and recurring life changing injuries. You benefit from Dr. Remy's 25 years of experience in modifying exercises to suit every situation.  As he says, "I've never met a case that couldn't benefit from a properly applied workout".  The pace of each workout is set by your own desires and limitations. Dr. Remy has designed the healing workout for everyone from athletes to complete "couch potatoes" who have never exercised.

Each exercise movement is carefully described and performed, emphasizing proper corrective form for your unique problems, and the typical mistakes to avoid. As Dr. Remy explains the corrective mechanics of each exercise, your body will be strengthening the proper function it has lacked for far too long. This is essential to stimulate your body's ideal healing and conditioning response.

Pain relief, flexibility, fibrotic resolution, strength, endurance, stability, coordination, core conditioning, power and balance are all targeted with each weekly program of workouts. Variety and steady improvement in all of these facets of healing exercise are  ensured, as workouts gradually progress each week. This concept of fitness follows the well known conjugate method of sports training, which was used with the former USSR and Eastern European Olympic teams to deliver superior workout results while avoiding training staleness and injury. Because of the carefully planned variety in the exercises, this workout trains your body to heal, and prepares it for a wide variety of real-life physical stresses without hurting yourself. Our workout delivers like no other in correcting the 2 main causes of musculo-skeletal pain- posture/ body mechanics and deconditioning. Dr. Remy carefully guides you through each workout with simplifed instruction, gentle motivation, and inspiring tips. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable, stimulating engagement between you and your body that promotes healing, pain relief, and progressive physical fitness.

You can participate in the workouts at any time or day you wish. The flexibility in when, how often, and how much of each workout you wish to perform is entirely up to you. Dr. Remy does however provide general guidelines to help you formulate your own progress.  For the first two months of the program, known as Basic Training,  you will receive two entirely different and new workouts for each week, which can be repeated 2-3 times per week for maximal results. These workouts focus on pain relieving exercises, and learning your specific mechanical and posture corrections that are at the root of your pain. Coordination and frequency are emphasized in the first two months to build a base for the conditioning exercises that follow. As the months progress, so do the workouts, blending just the right combination of variety and progresssive conditioning exercises to meet your needs. The workouts are sent to you in a steady  and gradual progressive sequence, which takes you from the very beginning through advanced levels, all tailored for your unique needs and limitations.

Dr. Remy also gives you the secrets of how to include the healing exercises into your busy schedule in as little as 2-5 minutes at a time for those with "absolutely no time for exercise". Motivation, guidelines on posture and movement integration into your daily activities and sports, healing mental attitude, and nutritional advice to support your healing efforts are also provided in a fun and inspiring way to help ensure that you get the most out of your efforts.

Four weekly workouts are automatically sent to you each month in a PDF text format with plenty of exercise descriptive photos, as well as a video demonstration of each week's exercises. Whether you prefer to read, watch, or do both, our system has you covered.  This ensures that no matter what type of learner you are, what type of exercise description you prefer, or what type of daily schedule you keep, the exercises will be simple to learn and easy to properly execute. 

Participation is very affordable compared to personal training fees which range from $120 to $500 per workout hour for this high level of expertise. The entire monthly subscription for the Pain Free & Fit TM Online Workout is only $39 per month. Payment is charged to your credit card at the beginning of each month, and you can cancel your subscription at any time, but we doubt you will because of the progress you will be making each month. 

Come and join Dr. Remy and our Pain Free & Fit TM Online Workout Program, and start enjoing the pain free and fit lifestyle today!

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